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About Steve

Steve Wright is an award winning senior visual effects artist with over 20 years of production experience creating digital effects for over 70 feature films and 70 television commercials. His extensive film credits include "Ray", "Ali", "Traffic", "Air Force One", "Batman & Robin", and many, many more, all listed on IMDb. As a senior digital compositing artist and 2D technical director he has an unusual combination of both artistic and technical understanding of digital compositing. He is also a well received public speaker, published author, writer, and a widely recognized expert in the digital effects industry. Steve now devotes his time to teaching and training VFX compositing. As a master trainer, Steve conducts live location-based classes, online mentored workshops using his video tutorials, and has traveled to VFX facilities around the world to conduct digital compositing training for their entire staff.

Steve’s digital effects career actually started in the 80’s at Atari where he designed and programmed video games. From the video game industry he then joined Robert Abel & Associates, the award winning leader of the 3D animation industry producing leading edge cgi commercials for television. From Robert Abel & Associates, Steve and a partner opened Sidley Wright and Associates, a VFX studio in Hollywood. It was at Sidley Wright that Steve purchased the Pixar P2 compositing computer system, mastered the art of digital compositing, and produced high-end VFX compositing first for commercials, then for feature films. He even developed a cel animation digital ink and paint system that was used for a dozen television commercials plus the special effects shots for five animated feature films. From this rich background of digital compositing for commercials, feature films, and even animated films, Steve was invited to join Cinesite Hollywood, Kodak’s premier digital effects facility, as a senior compositor. His command of the art and science of digital compositing quickly won him a promotion to 2D Technical Director where he later became the digital imaging go-to guy for Cinesite’s ground-breaking Digital Intermediate operation.

Since 2005, Steve has focused on teaching and training of VFX compositing. He has published two very successful books; the introductory book “Compositing Visual Effects” and the more advanced “Digital Compositing for Film and Video” which to date have been trasnlated into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.  He has traveled to VFX facilities around the world in countries like India, Macedonia, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Canada and Malaysia to teach digital compositing as well as to numerous facilities in the U.S. where he has conducted Master Compositing classes. In addition, Steve is often called upon to conduct training at trade shows like the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and SIGGRAPH or for local groups such as the Digital Cinema Society, the Los Angeles Post Production Group, various Foundry User's Groups, the Los Angeles SIGGRAPH Chapter and many others.

He has published extensive Nuke and Shake tutorials seen on Due to his unique ability to make a complex subject immanently understandable, Steve was hired to create tutorials for other companies like The Foundry the makers of Nuke, mocha tutorials for Imagineer Systems, stereo 2D to 3D conversion tutorials for YUVSoft's conversion suite and for Nuke's Particle plug-in software from Red Giant.

Steve now folds this wealth of production experience and training expertise not only into his own training programs and workshops, but has recently accepted the position of VFX Compositing Department Head at CGSpectrum's online school of digital arts and animation where he is building their one year VFX Compositing Diploma program certified by the PCTIA for the rising stars of VFX compositing!

Steve's many accolades include:

2014 – SMPTE Kodak Educational Award for outstanding VFX training
2010 – Telly award for outstanding tutorial videos –
2010 – Telly award for outstanding tutorial videos – CG Society
2008 – Telly award for best VFX for a fantasy short film DORME
2006 – President’s Volunteer Service Award for VFX training in Macedonia
1993 – PROMAX Gold Medallion Award for ACTION 7 News, Florida campaign
1992 – Regional Emmy for CGI in MASTERS OF ILLUSION--National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
1991 – Dentsu Award (Japanese CLIO) for outstanding CGI commercial REGAL SHOE

About Diane

Diane is a 25 year veteran of video production and post production having worked in many capacities such as online assistant editor, Main and ISO operator, videotape playback, and post production supervisor, as well as having been a producer for digital visual effects and digital ink and paint. She has always had a penchant for teaching during her video production and VFX tenure and turned full time trainer in 2006.

She is now an accomplished Apple Certified Trainer for Final Cut Pro editing software having served clients such as KTLA, CNN, the Associated Press, KGO-TV, and others specializing in news edit training in addition to teaching SD and HD video operations for all of the major networks.  Extremely popular with her students, Diane is admired for her clarity of presentation and patient training methods.

Diane’s superb understanding of applications software and her clarity of presentation also make her an excellent tech writer with experience writing technical manuals for products such as Quantel’s Q-Edit Pro, iLife and iWork Quick Start Guides for Apple’s High School Educator’s program, the Assimilate RealTime 2k playback system (Scratch), as well as Grass Valley’s NewsEdit system. Diane has also supported Diana Weynand’s book development for her video books by contributing chapters, graphics and photos and as QC tester for several of her Apple Final Cut Pro books as well as editorial services for Steve Wright's books on digital compositing.  She is methodical, accurate, and extremely dependable.

Diane is a proud member of:
Visual Effects Society
Digital Cinema Society