Steve Wright's - Industrial Strength Training for Visual Effects Compositing Artists!

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This unique Friday, Saturday and Sunday class will explore and demonstrate the key features of Nuke and equip attending artists with a basic understanding of Nuke’s powerful workflow. Prerequisites for the class are a solid background in compositing visual effects using programs such as Shake, Combustion, Digital Fusion, Motion, Flame, Toxik or After Effects.

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Who Should Take This Class

This class assumes that you already have a basic understanding of the concepts of 2D compositing of visual effects using one of the packages mentioned above and want to learn about Nuke's powerful capabilities including its 3D compositing workflow!

More and more work is being shifted from the costlier and more time consuming 3D part of the production pipeline into the quicker and more cost-effective compositing end of the pipeline. Nuke provides the perfect conduit for this to happen.

Many large VFX studios are also looking at ways to transition from their in-house legacy software that requires a steep learning curve to a broader market pool of talented VFX professionals and are acquiring Nuke site licenses.  The latest examples being ILM, Weta Digital and Intelligent Creatures. (Read Steve's article: Legacy Software Conundrum).

To future-proof your career in visual effects compositing sign up for a Nuke class today!


Course Curriculum

Day One:
A rousing demonstration of Nuke’s unique features that make it the compositing program of choice for modern CGI compositing pipelines. The remainder of the day will be cover how to navigate Nukes spiffy new interface - image viewer, node graph, property panels, and curve editor.

Day Two:
The theme of the day is bluescreen and greenscreen compositing. We will cover keying with Primatte and Nuke’s novel IBK keyer, spill suppression, drawing shapes, masking operations. Image reformatting, bounding box control, and transformations.

Day Three:
The theme of the day is compositing CGI. We will cover multi-pass CGI compositing, channel management, motion tracking, time controls, color correcting, and Nukes amazing 3D compositing capabilities.


Pricing Structure

Membership Discounts

Regular price: $995
Bring your own loaded laptop: $735
Early Bird Special:

A $100 discount is available for LA ACM SIGGRAPH, VES, DMA/LA, & DCS members. To claim your $100 discount, send an email to with your name, membership number and affiliation so that your membership in one of the above groups can be confirmed.


Motion Media Classroom
3200 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405


How to Sign Up

Enroll here.

register for the 3 day NUKE class, just click on the button below and you will be taken to a page where you can purchase the training class online.  Proceed to the checkout and fill in all of your information. If your membership qualifies for a discount and you have your coupon code, enter it here to save $100. Once you have purchased the class, you will be notified of any details via email or phone.

About Nuke

Nuke runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Students can use their own loaded laptops or be provided one in class. Students can take advantage of Nuke’s FREE Personal Learning Edition that can be downloaded and used before and after the class to get a head start. Click here to go to the Nuke page on The Foundry’s website to download the free Personal Learning Edition. Download and install apropos your machine type/OS and it will automatically run in the PLE mode. Class participants will be issued a fully licensed version of Nuke for the 3-day class.


I have used Nuke previously at Digital Domain. I took the class as a refresher. Even with using Nuke in the past, Steve explained aspects of the software better than anyone in the past. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to better understand Nuke. Steve has the most in depth knowledge of compositing and his teaching style is completely concise and clear.

- Davy Nethercutt
Digital Compositor
Seven Crows VFX


Steve is remarkable industry trainer, his in-depth knowledge of visual effects and ability to explain complex technical concepts made the Nuke class extremely valuable and a delightful experience.  Thank you Steve and Diane!

- Jarmila Seflova
Studio 11211